Video Transcript:

I remember one event. It was about maybe two years ago and Mr. Miscavige came onto the stage and it was just like roaring, roaring—oh, I know, it was in England! It was roaring, roaring, you know, applause. And, and then it would die down and then it would start again, and then it would die down and it would start again. And he was just, you know, there was so much love. This was an international audience of Scientologists filling a huge hall.

There’s a tremendous, tremendous amount of affinity and love for Mr. Miscavige. And every Scientologist, I feel, feels that way because they feel the results of what he’s, his hard work. So I’m extremely happy with him as our leader, extremely so.

He’s like a major celebrity or a major statesman, but he’s also your friend. So you put these two things together—somebody who would be a major state statesman, but he’s also your friend. You have that feeling towards him. I think that’s the perfect combination, because you know somebody is doing very hard work and leading a very interesting movement, you know, that’s changing things across the planet. And yet, that person is your friend.

We are so lucky to have COB, we are so lucky because he holds his post, he does his post, he does his work, he expands the Church and you know, that’s what he does—he flourishes and prospers and we all benefit.