Video Transcript:

We as Scientologists are thankful for Mr. Miscavige. I think that we are incredibly thankful for him because he has completely changed Scientology, in just the past two and a half years. I even look back at where I was two and a half years ago and where I am today and I’m in a completely different place.

I just feel like he’s shown that he’s very caring, in the sense that he really does care for the integrity of Scientology. He really does care for all of us. I mean—I am so thankful for everything that he has done, because for me personally it’s changed my entire life.

And my community is better because of him, because of me, because of all that he has done and is continuing to do to improve the world. It’s not about just Scientologists. I think that Mr. Miscavige has this goal of making sure that people in general live happy lives and productive lives and are doing well in society.