I have been so impressed with his enthusiasm and his love of life—that comes through everything he does. Rhoda Zeffertt

Video Transcript:

David Miscavige has taken the Church from a comparatively small, unknown religion to a worldwide, well-respected religious philosophy. We are in a different league now, and I have so many friends in the town who are just—they know about us, they know the work that we do, and it’s all entirely due to the leadership that David Miscavige has brought to the Church. He hasn’t stopped.

I have known him since he was a little boy. He first came over to Saint Hill when I think he was probably 12 with his family, his entire family. And he went to the local school, the local comprehensive school where two of my daughters also went. And in his spare time, he was on course all the time. And every week there would be a notice over the course room door saying that David Miscavige was the best student of the week. Now this was a child, 12, 13, 14, 15. And it was amazing, so you—even at that age, he commanded respect, because he got things done and he was conscientious. You don’t always get that in a young person of that age. And but other than that, he was a lovely, normal child, running about.

I had been having some counseling at the Church of Scientology and to complete the counseling that I was having, I had to have one last counsel. And I went into my lovely little auditing room, and my auditor, the counselor was sitting in the room, and I couldn’t see him, because he was so little. And I had to peer over the little meter that he used to see this young lad who was going to give me my last counseling session, and it was David Miscavige. He was 13 or 14 and he did my final session to perfection. And that is quite an achievement when you know what is involved in counseling.

I get goose pimples, actually, just thinking about it, I’ve got them now. Because it just showed his strength of character, his determination, his intention and his care about people—and a young person that age. And then he just went on and on from strength to strength, studying and helping people, and that’s what he’s done ever since.

I have been so impressed with his enthusiasm and his love of life—that comes through everything he does—and his power. He wants to help people and he wants to get everything just right, and his care about getting Mr. Hubbard’s materials so that they are perfect for the future generations. Because as we know, even the Bible has been changed over the thousands of years, it isn’t as it was written. So now we are getting all the materials exactly as Mr. Hubbard wrote them and as he wanted them. And this to me is worth all the millions in the world.

He has shown so much care and love and intention for Scientology and every Scientologist and for the world. All the human rights activities that he supports across the world, and I have nothing but the greatest respect and love for him.