Video Transcript:

In March of this year, on my way out here to St. Hill, Mr. David Miscavige took time out of his schedule to personally meet with me and the staff that were coming out here, to sit down and go over St. Hill, Ron’s home the Manor over here and everything that has been done about this area and the amount of care and time he has spent here. And he personally made sure that we had read everything, studied everything and answered personally any last questions we had to come out here. And he took time out of his very busy schedule to sit down with me and one on one go over everything before I came out here.

I met two mayors here so far. I met—and each time I meet with them, I have incredible meetings and so forth because I know so much about this area now. And every time they meet me they are sort of astounded how much I know because I am relatively new to this area, but it goes back to the fact that Mr. Miscavige made sure, down to the detail, when I came here I know everything about this place.

To work with Chairman of the Board RTC, it’s a total privilege; it’s a total honor. And to be able to work with him and just spend a few minutes, a few minutes of his time—it empowers you, enriches you and really helps you as a staff member and as a person to do better.

A few weeks ago down in Budapest he was meeting with org executives from all over Europe and he knew everything that was happening with each one of their orgs and their area, what’s about to happen, what’s going on with their Ideal Orgs about to open. And he knows everything about these things and what’s being done next and what do we need to do to get these things done. And under his leadership and guidance and we are seeing Scientology expand all over the world.