Video Transcript:

He has picked up the mantle of the Finder of Lost Tech, to perfection. I almost think of L. Ron Hubbard, you know, who came up with all the technology, right. Here you have a man in David Miscavige who’s…going through and figuring out, “Are we really doing this as L. Ron Hubbard said to do it? As he wrote to do it?” And he’s finding out without any hesitation, “This area isn’t quite right; he says this,” and gets it put in, gets it corrected. And all of a sudden everything goes better. And he keeps doing that in every single area. And he insists on it.

It’s…he keeps it there. He keeps it working and keeps it expanding.

The guy is genius at the helm. He knows exactly where to steer the ship and it’s perfect. And what else can you say about that? I mean, that’s a rare characteristic on this planet. Of course, everyone is capable of it ultimately, but here’s somebody who’s actually doing it.