Video Transcript:

We had an opening of a building here in Clearwater that I attended. And the next day I saw Mr. Miscavige coming down the hall and he stopped and I nodded and said, “Hello.” And he said, “Oh hi.” And came over and talked to me which I was pleased about. Friendly as could be. And I told him how much I appreciated the building and how beautiful it was and I had never even…

Frankly I’d never even known to expect something like that. It was above my expectations and I was happy. And I said, “I told everybody that I met, that I knew, if you’d have been there I’d—.” And he said, “You’d have hugged me.” And I went, “Yeah.” And he gave me the biggest hug and it was so nice ‘cause it’s precisely what I wanted to do. And it was totally okay with him. And it was lovely. It was lovely.

There’s not a day go by but what I don’t tip my hat and thank him. I see people I haven’t seen in a very long time who have come and are getting cared for and are happy. Happy to be here.

And he’s made it possible for people who’ve been around a long time, like myself, to swiftly continue. And for new people coming in, start and no stops. Absolutely no stops. He’s been brilliant in his handling of the technology.