Video Transcript:

The Scientology religion, the Scientology movement basically gets its direction and impetus, of course, from LRH, but in real time, it comes from the great leadership of David Miscavige. And I’ve watched this evolve over the decades and I’m always very impressed by it but, but mostly lately, as things have really, really increased a lot.

We have Ideal Orgs all over the place. David Miscavige really put the pedal to the metal on that and that takes great leadership and it takes a person really pointing the way. And making it real to everybody why it’s important and, yeah, I’m grateful for it because I didn’t have that vision, I don’t know anybody else that had that vision, really. So it took one guy to really point the way and say, “No, this is where we’re going to go,” and make it fun and interesting for us all to get involved.

I had written David Miscavige a letter prior to a Maiden Voyage. Like days prior which is terrible timing because he’s so wrapped up in, you know, night after night of events and prepping all that stuff but I don’t know, I had to say something to him to express my gratitude about something and when I got on the ship for Maiden Voyage one of the Messengers brought me a handwritten, you know, letter within maybe three days of me writing to David Miscavige, with a very personal response from him. And I was very moved and touched that he would take the time to do that.

I also notice that when you talk to him he knows a little bit about what you’re doing, it’s not uncommon for him to go, “Hey, I heard about this thing that you have going on.” I’m like, how can he know that? But he had obviously has a great capacity for knowing what the team is doing, knowing what his friends are doing and I’m always impressed by that. I’m impressed by everything he does. I … I don’t understand how David Miscavige … I would love to see what he does in a day, I think would be absolutely flabbergasting, it would be like following Superman around, it’s like, it’s mind boggling. I don’t know how he does it but I’m really, really grateful that he does it.