Video Transcript:

My friends talk about Mr. Miscavige in a manner of sort of trying to quantify all the things that are happening that are profound and good in terms of expanding, what it is that we’re doing and reaching things that we’ve never possibly dreamt of in a lifetime. When I offer opinions about them it’s a matter of my recognition of what it takes to push forward the achievement of the expansion that we’ve experienced in the time that he’s been on board doing what he’s been doing. And it’s quantum leap after quantum leap after quantum leap forward and you can see it, you can touch it.

The man has a profound presence and he can make you feel like you’re recognized as someone special, like no one else I’ve met. I met him, of course, when I became a Patron and, you know, shaking his hand and saying, “Thank you”. Of course, I had the opportunity to say, “Thank you!” Right? Because again, it was the same sort of an experience. I mean the man just grants you tremendous respect and recognition of who you are. And that’s a rare quality.

The ability to do that with anyone that you meet, to recognize their value and treat them like they have that, you know, is incredibly important. And for anyone who experiences it, it makes you feel like you’re capable of more and that you are special. I think he does that naturally. I don’t think it’s something that had to be acquired particularly. I think it’s just something that is part of how he looks at people.