Video Transcript:

He would be speaking to a group of us about, you know, what was happening, our expansion, things that were going on. He was so much fun, so real, joking, laughing, and when I say real, I mean real. And I loved that, I just, my respect and my admiration just went up tons, for, and that felt to me that there is something different, there is something different, we have something going on here, that’s, that I have never experienced in the 26 some odd years that I have been involved, this is different, feels different.

Now, this time, the way he’s leading us and where we’re going is the best, and it’s the correct forward motion that we are making, it’s what we need to be doing and my friends all agree, it’s fantastic and we’re just so proud that he is our leader and we know we’re going in the right way, following him.