Video Transcript:

Mr. Miscavige brought about what we call the Ideal Orgs, which is ideal organizations whereby the facilities of Scientology are really conducive to all the services and all the help that we are giving not only the parishioners but also the community. This did not exist when I first got into Scientology. In Israel where I got in, there was no organization at all and I did my first course in somebody’s living room. And thanks to Mr. Miscavige’s efforts, there is an Ideal Organization in Israel now and in many other places.

Because of the dedicated leadership of Mr. Miscavige, Scientology is at an expansion level that I never, ever imagined 42 years ago when I first got involved, or even 30 or even 20 years ago. I never—I could not even envision in my wildest dreams what we have today.

And he is a dreamer and he has been bringing tremendous dreams into fruition here with Scientology. And this is something that the entire world is benefiting from and will benefit from in a big way, regardless of whether people are Scientologists or not. They will benefit from what he is making happen.