Video Transcript:

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Miscavige and spending time with him, sharing jokes, swapping stories, talking about things completely disrelated to Scientology or religion. And I can tell you this is a person who is a real—he’s a real human being. He’s a real man. He’s a real individual. He cares.

He has a fantastic sense of humor. He’s so incisive, he misses nothing when he’s talking to you. And he remembers things about you. With all the thousands, tens of thousands of people that he encounters and meets and speaks with, he’ll remember something about you and ask you about it. And that’s very impressive to me.

I have seen the evolution of Scientology as a group and as a religious movement and I can absolutely, categorically tell you that we are where we are at now, in and with Scientology, is because of Mr. David Miscavige.