Video Transcript:

The technology has become a lot more streamlined and a lot more standard and a lot more what L. Ron Hubbard had intended it to be like. And as a result it’s been a lot more effective getting results a lot quicker than before. And I honestly believe right now is a time to do Scientology because it’s all the gains are—they’re so much quicker and so much faster. And I do believe that it’s all the doingnesses of Mr. Miscavige. It’s all under his leadership that this is happening.

I was actually on the Freewinds, which is the ship of the Church of Scientology, about maybe about seven years ago. And I had a particular question in my mind that I really wanted to ask him about. That was a first time that I was actually going to see him and we were all with him on the ship, so it was a closed kind of environment. So, he walks by me—then he steps back and he looks at me and he says, “You wanted to ask me something, didn’t you?” And I almost fainted. I was like, “Yes!” And he was like, “What is it?” So I told him. And he looked at me and he said, “It’s handled.” So, that was my first experience with him. He’s unbelievable. He’s an unbelievable man.