Video Transcript:

I know that the Chairman of the Board is a very busy person. But when he comes to Saint Hill in October and he walks around and greets people, it’s as if he has all the time in the world for that person. And he has an enormous amount of work on his plate and yet when we have met, we have talked at length about how the Church can help the local community, how we can help fund the local charities.

And I think, “Wow, he’s spending all this time talking about local community, how caring is that.” And the fact that when he meets the local dignitaries, the local business people and town councilors, he really takes care to listen to, “What are your problems in the town? How can we help you?” And they remark about that after, after meeting him.

And to be able to work with him on certain events, like the Charity Concert when he’s here at Saint Hill, I really, I know I’m in good hands and I know that this event is going to be a huge success. But what surprises me is that, and I really like, is he asks me, what do I think about it? Or what do I think we should do about this particular thing.

And I think that’s really nice, because, you know, he could just tell me, “Okay Liz, you know, it’s going to this and this and this.” No. He says, What do I think about it? How should it be done? You know, “you’re the English person here, Liz. What do you think ?” and I really like that.

Every year, it’s amazing, he remembers the faces, their names, and I think, ”How does he do that?” He must know thousands of people all over the world. When he comes to Saint Hill, and he meets our local people, he speaks to them by name, knows exactly what happened last year and what they talked about last year. And it just shows to me that he really cares about them.

And when we are talking, he, he has such a great sense of humor, which I love. I love humor and he really has a fantastic sense of humor. Again when you think of what he’s got on his shoulders, what he’s got on his plate to do with the Church internationally and he has that sense of humor, it’s amazing to me.

The way the Church has expanded under the leadership of Mr. Miscavige, is indescribable. It is astronomical. It is almost unrecognizable because when I was in Scientology in London, we were in a fairly small building and now we have three buildings in London.

We have not just buildings and new Churches all over the world, we have magnificent Churches and magnificent buildings, that I never thought we’d ever see.

And he has really brought the dream of LRH, you know, a civilization where man can survive and where honest beings have rights. I can really see that becoming true in these beautiful buildings and the expansion of Scientology all over the world, in my lifetime. It’s amazing.