Video Transcript:

It was very special to meet Mr. Miscavige in person. I was very fortunate, and it’s like an honor to meet him. And, you know, it was a short visit, but he’s very, very polite, very kind, and he just seemed to know exactly what we were all doing, which was very, to me was like amazing, you know? How he knows, like, pretty much everybody, you know? Gives you like a very personable feeling.

He has this program into action to actually get our Churches like, it’s called Ideal. Ideal Churches. So now we have an Ideal Church in Los Angeles. We have it in New York. We have it in Washington, D.C., Brussels. You know, you name it.

There’s probably I don’t know how many all over the world, you know. I’ve visited several myself, and it’s just wonderful to come in a place like that because all the staff is trained, so we are very much ready to help anybody.

Where we are today is like I never expected it 20 or 30 years ago. But now it seems like, it’s like a snowball, and it has come into motion, and it actually keeps expanding.

Like I was at the last event that Mr. Miscavige gave, and he says you know we are going to open six more Churches or so. You know? And it just keeps going, so it’s like, “Wow,” you know. It’s really exciting.