Video Transcript:

Just talking about Mr. Miscavige, you know, Scientologists really respect and admire him because he’s been a great leader of the Church and, you know, he was the one that was chosen after L. Ron Hubbard to lead the Church and, you know, he’s done a fantastic job.

One of the things for me, since I am on the road a lot, is the fact that we’ve got materials now in many foreign languages. And places that I go, like the Philippines for instance, you know if I’ve got people that ask me questions about Scientology, I can find an introductory book or something along those lines, a video or something like that, that’s in their language. They can get their answers right away and we don’t—it doesn’t get lost in translation. And that translation is already been taken care of. And, you know, I see a lot more people, again, that have an interest and, like, “What is this?” and—because I talk about it all the time when I’m on the road and that type of thing. People ask me, you know, what I do or what I’m studying because I’m always on some kind of a course or something and it’s a great introduction. So people get to figure out what Scientology is about and they can find it out in their own language.

I don’t know what to say other than the fact that he has been amazing. And absolutely dogged in making sure to recover and make sure that all of the technology that L. Ron Hubbard developed in Scientology is made available for us now.