Video Transcript:

You have to kind of look at what the results are that somebody is getting whether it is on a job or in this case, you know, the leader of our Church. Look at the results. You look at what he’s done over the last ten years or thirteen years and the results speak for themselves. He’s completely standardized all of the tech, you know, from the lowest part up unto the higher levels. So, that’s undeniable. I mean, and there’s just no way you can’t, you know, be like completely amazed and impressed.

His intention is very strong. He’s got a very high level of communication with the people that he talks to. And you just kind of get the sense like, you know, this is a really very down-to-earth person who is getting major results for Scientology every day.

So, again, it just comes down to you look at what somebody produces and that tells the tale.