The Church of Scientology inaugurated a spectacular new Ideal Organization at an event and location like no other, offering true spiritual freedom in the global capital of culture, marking the latest astonishing chapter of the religion’s expansion with a Grand Opening that was truly magnifique.
Inside the Church’s stunning auditorium, Mr. David Miscavige, ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion, receives the first of many passionate and extended ovations from an audience of prominent French Humanitarians and luminaries from the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) who traveled from around the world to witness the opening of this culturally significant Ideal Org.
Reflecting the momentous nature of the occasion, Mr. David Miscavige presides over the historic ceremony honoring the glorious new Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre Grand Paris.
Mr. Miscavige delivers the keynote address in recognition of an event that will forever stand as a milestone for religious freedom in France.
In this center of art and culture, the ceremony fittingly starts with a stirring musical performance—a medley of the uplifting classic “Allumer le Feu” (“Light the Fire”) and the Paris Church’s original anthem, “For Liberty We Stand,” including the lyrics: “Vive la France, this is our chance—for liberty we stand!”
In welcoming those gathered for this landmark event, Mr. Miscavige states, “While we’ve opened Ideal Orgs in other cultural epicenters, megacities of significance to our entire global movement, well, this one crowns them all. After all, you are in the Cultural Capital of Earth.”
“There is a birthright of this land that cannot be forgotten. It traces back to the strong voices of your Enlightenment in ages past. By that I mean those who first championed the rights of man, the dignity of man and who gave birth to a phrase all but synonymous with the spirit of this day: Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. I say nothing better represents those ideals—and, in fact, the doingness required to attain those ideals—than your new Ideal Organization of Paris.”
—Mr. David Miscavige, ecclesiastical leader of the Scientology religion
“Even right here in district 93, your legacy precedes you. Your teams have delivered The Way to Happiness to places where happiness was probably considered just a fairy tale. Door-to-door distribution in the roughest neighborhoods and hand-to-hand delivery into commercial districts, reaching bakeries, butchers and cafés—altogether you bestowed a miraculous 40,000 personal copies and, in so doing, you have made these streets smile.”
—Dr. Mouslim Fidahoussen, Religious Scholar and Interreligious Expert of France
“It is an honor to speak to you at this unbelievable moment. As a citizen of France, I certainly consider it a duty and honor to carry forward this legacy of human rights. And your tradition of service includes delivering no less than 400,000 Human Rights booklets to the city squares, the train stations and all across France. By your actions in our communities, you are helping create a society that is not selfish, but rather one where people respect one another.”
—Mr. Jean Maher, International Human Rights Expert and Government Advisor
“I speak to you today out of our shared partnership in seeking to shine the light of truth onto injustice. The restriction of freedom must be systematically contested and severely fought. Forced incarceration inside hospitals has doubled in recent years in this country.... But with the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, I was able to push open doors where I couldn’t before, to counteract this rising abuse. You are the ones breaking the stranglehold of psychiatry and giving thousands back their lives!”
—Mr. David Guyon, Constitutional Law Advocate and University Lecturer
“The international interfaith community is founded upon bringing about a calmer, better society for all religions. If you want to know who is the voice of interfaith progress, it’s you—the Church of Scientology! You have demonstrated an unconditional commitment to interreligious unity. By so doing, you are promoting future peace, future partnership and future prosperity. It practically goes without saying that you are at the leading edge among today’s religious movements.”
—Dr. Petar Gramatikov, Representative, United Religions Initiative for Europe and Member of the UN Committee on Freedom of Religion or Belief
“This moment is your realization. It was driven by your perseverance and your passion. If we could bottle just a small amount of the life you bring to what you do, this world would be a different, brighter and peaceful one. We are putting the Church back in the middle of the village. So, in honor of your Founder and his vision, this new Ideal Org stands in representation of that infinite freedom for all of Paris and all of France!”
—Ms. Elodie Maumont, Civil Liberties Attorney
Ms. Lise Choisnet, Public Affairs Director of the new Paris Ideal Org, extends an exuberant welcome before the ribbon falls: “It is actually true. Our dream has come alive. And the future awaits. So we invite you, all of France and every member of the IAS across the world to experience this dream now realized.”
Mr. David Miscavige with (left to right): Mr. David Guyon, Constitutional Law Advocate and University Lecturer; Dr. Mouslim Fidahoussen, Religious Scholar and Interreligious Expert of France; Mr. Jean Maher, International Human Rights Expert and Government Advisor; Ms. Elodie Maumont, Civil Liberties Attorney; and Dr. Petar Gramatikov, Representative for the United Religions Initiative for Europe and Member of the UN Committee on Freedom of Religion or Belief.
Following the ceremony, the thousands of enthusiastic attendees descend upon the grand entrance to behold the historic moment France’s first Ideal Organization comes to be.
Celebratory cheers reach a rousing crescendo as a ribbon falls on a magnificent new Scientology Church for Paris.
Call it élan vital, joie de vivre or simply liberté now alive—the Ideal Church of Scientology Grand Paris is inaugurated in exquisite fashion in the City of Light.
The historic Grand Opening of the spectacular new Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre Grand Paris welcomes Parisians to the extraordinary adventure of true spiritual freedom.
Grand Opening guests marvel at the first sight of the light-filled, spacious, soaring six-story atrium.
The ground floor is aglow with enthralled parishioners and guests celebrating the Grand Opening of the new Paris Church. An air of excitement prevails as guests explore every detail of the magnificent new space.
Taking it all in—attendees bask in the beauty as they enjoy the Church of Scientology’s new home in the Saint-Denis district of Greater Paris.
Opening day guests ascending the spiraling atrium stairs are among the first to experience a breathtaking vantage point of the new Ideal Org.
Those touring stop on the fifth-floor landing to engage in spirited conversation about the accomplishment of the Church’s opening day.
Guests step outside on one of the Church’s three outdoor terraces to experience panoramic views across the surrounding neighborhood of Saint-Denis.
An arresting perspective of the Grand Opening festivities from above the Paris Church’s sunlit atrium.
The Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre Grand Paris overlooks the nation’s busiest motorway, where more than 250,000 pass each day, and also stands footsteps from the Stade de France (National Stadium), site of the Closing Ceremony of the 2024 Summer Olympic Games.
The 95,000-square-foot Ideal Org is an architectural tour de force and brings new hope and the opportunity for spiritual enlightenment to all Parisians.
Even the entrance is a masterpiece at the Church of Scientology Paris, with its geometric wood portal and striking pattern of light.
Rising six stories above Reception is the building’s stunning grand atrium. The design was inspired by the mighty sequoia tree, including the circular stairwell lined with an intricate leaf pattern.
Open seven days a week, morning to night, the Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre Grand Paris Reception welcomes anyone wishing to obtain an introduction to Dianetics and Scientology.
The atrium skylight is equipped with a state-of-the-art solar shading system for ultimate climate efficiency.
The atrium’s sequoia theme is carried on through the “growth rings” made of aluminum inlaid into the terrazzo floor at the building’s ground level.
The Public Information Center offers some 500 films in 17 languages, providing a complete introduction to every aspect of Dianetics and Scientology. It includes the beliefs and practices of the religion, a biographical presentation on the life and legacy of Founder L. Ron Hubbard, as well as the many humanitarian initiatives and community outreach programs the Church supports.
The Bookstore makes available L. Ron Hubbard’s works on Dianetics and Scientology. In all, Mr. Hubbard’s legacy comprises tens of millions of published words in dozens of books and thousands of recorded lectures. Materials are available in 50 languages.
The Hubbard Guidance Center is where Scientologists receive one-on-one spiritual counseling, known as auditing. Just beyond the waiting room are dozens of auditing rooms.
Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard developed the Purification Program to free individuals from the mental and spiritual damage caused by drugs and toxins through a regimen of exercise, sauna and nutrition—all of which are provided for in the Purification Center. The mural pays homage to the captivating tapestry of history, culture and art that is Paris.
Each one of the auditing rooms is ideally appointed to provide the calm, distraction-free setting requisite to achieving spiritual enlightenment.
The Academy is where Scientologists train to become auditors (spiritual counselors), capable of applying the technology of auditing to help others attain spiritual freedom. The Paris Academy comprises multiple course rooms, each devoted to a different aspect of training.
The Café welcomes visitors touring the Church and provides a gathering place for those attending the many scheduled events. It is further provided for parishioners during breaks in their Scientology religious services.
The Terraces
Terraces overlooking Saint-Denis serve as a meeting ground in the spirit of a Scientology Ideal Organization: a home to both Scientologists and the greater community alike.
The community conference rooms welcome like-minded organizations for gatherings and shared initiatives aimed at fostering partnerships across Île-de-France.
The Chapel provides for all Scientology congregational ceremonies and services—including Sunday Services, Weddings and Naming Ceremonies. The Chapel also serves as an ideal setting for workshops, gatherings and events in the name of community collaboration for the betterment of Greater Paris.
The Chapel also transforms into a spectacular performance venue. The beautifully appointed grand auditorium features state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment and theatrical lighting.
As is tradition in all Churches of Scientology, the Office of L. Ron Hubbard stands in honor of the religion’s Founder and symbolizes that this Church is true to his writings and ideals.