L. Ron Hubbard’s vision for the future of Scientology included utilizing technological advancements across every media platform to create “planetary dissemination” of Scientology’s religious technology “at the correct orders of magnitude.”

Over the last decade, David Miscavige has brought that vision to life by building cutting-edge facilities that redefine capabilities of whole industries, including publishing, filmmaking and audio recording services. He has leveraged modern manufacturing and digital communications technology to design and implement infrastructure that now fully supports Scientology’s religious, secular and humanitarian outreach—on a massive scale.

Mr. Miscavige personally oversaw the redesign and restoration of Scientology Media Productions, the historic motion picture studio and television broadcast facility, to deliver the message of Scientology, everywhere.

Originally, Scientology materials were available in five languages, but with the global demand for materials many are now produced in more than 50 languages.

To answer that demand the Church needed to be able to produce any book, CD or DVD in any language, and on-demand—a process that was beyond then-current limits of the book publishing and other media industries. Undaunted, Mr. Miscavige decided the Church would invent its own.

Today, Bridge Publications, and the International Dissemination and Distribution Center in Los Angeles, California, print, mass-produce and distribute Scientology and humanitarian materials for the Church’s religious and secular programs at speeds that were previously unthinkable. Bridge Publications and the International Dissemination and Distribution Center have also become benchmarks within the publishing, printing and distribution industries. The Dissemination Center’s massive facilities make it possible to fill orders from around the world, around the clock, and ship them quickly and efficiently anywhere on the planet. Both facilities were designed under Mr. Miscavige’s direction to be operated entirely by members of the Church’s religious order.

In filmmaking, the experience has been similar. The Church’s motion picture studio in Southern California, Golden Era Productions, uses state-of-the-art film and audio recording facilities to produce Church films. Most recently, Mr. Miscavige opened a global broadcasting and media center in Hollywood—Scientology Media Productions. The facility distills the mass communications energy of tomorrow into a single enterprise where Scientology’s goals of a more humane world are being communicated through magazines, TV, radio, special events, the internet and more. It gives the religion capabilities to deliver its message in ways never before possible.