Video Transcript:

The second time I met Mr. Miscavige was about a year ago where I went on stage for an award and I thanked him for all the work that he did. And he tapped me on the shoulder and he said “thank you.” He made me feel very important. He made me feel as important as I felt that he was important. And I was very impressed by that.

I think you can look at just about any organization and as a customer or as a service taker or whatever it may be, the way you're treated and your experience is a reflection of what’s going on at the top. And I feel that anything that I’ve done since Mr. Miscavige has been running the Church has just been done to the highest standards possible. And it seems that everyone wants to follow his directions to ensure that everyone is very well taken care of and get all the gains that they can out of their services in Scientology.

I feel that he’s gone above and beyond of what anyone has ever expected him to do with the Church of Scientology. Insisting on it being pure and perfect and that every single person get all the gains that they possibly can from Scientology is just an amazing thing. Every time that he has done something to make sure that the writings of Hubbard are exact and perfect, it came from him. And I could see he works tirelessly to make sure that we get only the best. And I put complete faith and trust in the man and I’m so glad that we have him.