Members of the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) representing 90 nations gathered in East Grinstead, Southern England, for a weekend-long celebration honoring four historic years of dedication, determination and accomplishment.
Thousands of International Association of Scientologists (IAS) members representing 90 nations gather on Friday, November 3. The evening honors four historic years of IAS humanitarian accomplishment.
Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center, makes his entrance, signifying the beginning of a highly anticipated weekend-long event celebrating the 39th anniversary of the IAS.
The crowd fills the Grand Marquee to capacity, greeting Mr. Miscavige with a thunderous standing ovation—one of historic duration.
Mr. Miscavige welcomes Scientologists from across the world of Scientology to the weekend-long IAS Anniversary Celebration. At its inception in 1984, the IAS counted members in but 39 nations, while today members hail from 158 lands.
“Tonight’s presentation will include epic accomplishments: from global salvage operations for oppressed populations to Volunteer Ministers for indiscriminate help. While following from that same equation, you will also meet this year’s IAS Freedom Medal Winners and, thus, those who epitomize ‘uncompromising commitment.’ And finally, you will also see not one, not two, not three, but actually four new Ideal facilities. By the time you have seen them all, it will have taken your breath away.” —Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center
Across a riveting three-hour celebration, Mr. Miscavige presents the awe-inspiring highlights of all the IAS brought to bear across the globe at every latitude and longitude over the last four years.
Church of Scientology
Recognized as a
Tax-Exempt Religious
August 22, 2022
In 2022, the Central American nation of Panama bestowed full recognition to the Church of Scientology as a tax-exempt religious entity.
“Church of Scientology
Amsterdam approved
for Public Benefit
—Dutch Tax and Customs Administration
August 30, 2022
In 2022, in a victory for religious freedom, the Church of Scientology received Public Benefit Status and thereby full religious recognition in the Netherlands.
“The Church of
Scientology is a house
of worship and religious
—Ministry of Education and
Religious Affairs
February 16, 2023
In 2023, Greece’s Secretary-General for Religious Affairs personally presented the Church its House of Worship license, marking the official religious recognition of Scientology at the source-point of philosophy.
Scientologists fill the Grand Marquee with unbridled cheers as Mr. Miscavige recounts each unforgettable IAS milestone accomplishment of the last four years.
Throughout the 39th IAS Anniversary Celebration, Mr. Miscavige highlights instances of the IAS demonstrating its enduring purpose: to unite, advance, support and protect the Scientology religion and Scientologists in all parts of the world so as to achieve the Aims of Scientology.
Among the many IAS accomplishments of the last four years, Mr. Miscavige underscores the tireless work of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), a mental health watchdog co-founded by the Church in 1969.
Morelos, Mexico
San Francisco, California
Sacramento, California
Boston, Massachusetts
Ottawa, Canada
Taichung, Taiwan
San Francisco, California
Vienna, Austria
London, United Kingdom
Paris, France
Florence, Italy
Magdeburg, Germany
CCHR presented expert testimony to consultation delegates, vehemently calling for a ban on “coercion and the deprivations of liberty in mental health.” When the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights put the mental health mandate before the UN Human Rights Council, the result heralded a sea change to preserve and protect human rights in the field of mental health.

“Coercive and involuntary
treatment are outdated, ineffective and incompatible with human rights.”

“All nations should cancel forced institutionalization.”

“All nations should end involuntary treatment.”

“The creation of new psychiatric hospitals is prohibited.”

Further propelling the audience on a worldwide review of the Church’s humanitarian mission, Mr. Miscavige brings into focus IAS-sponsored education initiatives at work around the world.
New York City, New York
New York City, New York
Tepic, Mexico
Canberra, Australia
Kathmandu, Nepal
Copenhagen, Denmark
Turning the spotlight onto the IAS-sponsored international volunteer force, Mr. Miscavige states, “Even if the rest of the world went ‘on pause,’ Mother Nature certainly never did—nor did our Volunteer Ministers.”
St. Vincent
As a final statement on Volunteer Ministers, Mr. Miscavige announces Operation: Do Something About It, a feature-length documentary chronicling the Church’s global response to the pandemic.
Operation: Do Something About It premieres December 5, International Volunteer Day, on Scientology Network, DIRECTV Channel 320 and live streaming online at Scientology.TV in 17 languages across 24 time zones.
Enthralled audience members preview the upcoming Scientology Network documentary about the unmatched help and succor provided by Volunteer Ministers during the time of pandemic global crisis.
As is customary for every IAS anniversary, Mr. Miscavige punctuates the evening by bestowing the distinguished IAS Freedom Medal, recognizing Scientologists for extraordinary humanitarian commitment.
Yuzuru Ogura, Tokyo, Japan: In a land where psychiatrists hid their crimes behind the proverb “See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil,” Yuzuru Ogura shattered the silence and exposed their secrets. He uncovered the scam of “polypharma”—suicide-inducing overprescription of psychotropic drugs. Yuzuru secured severe penalties against the practice, ultimately helping reduce nationwide suicide rates by 34 percent. Subsequently, Yuzuru exposed criminal abuse in psychiatric hospitals, invoking laws protecting patients and whistle-blowers and guaranteeing psychiatric abuse will forever be seen, heard and spoken of in Japan. “As someone who inherited Bushido, the Code of a Samurai, there is no bigger honor. A samurai does not blindly swing around his katana sword, and thanks to LRH and the tech, I have aimed my sword of truth for more than 20 years at my only enemy—psychiatry.”
Salomon and Lucy Dabbah, Mexico City, Mexico: As proud natives of Mexico City, Salomon and Lucy Dabbah formed Drug-Free World Mexico to reach young people before they could be recruited by drug cartels. The Dabbahs achieved maximum impact by training nearly 5,000 teachers, who went on to educate better than 2.1 million students. While to extend that education across generations, Drug-Free World partnered with the Ministry of Education to teach the Truth About Drugs to every student in every school and university across the State of Mexico. “We created an army of principals, teachers and supervisors teaching the Truth About Drugs, and themselves multiplying the campaign. So yes, if you want to see the future, just talk to the students and teachers, because they will tell you we are one team, united for a Drug-Free Mexico!”
Giselle Lima, Panama City, Panama: After ascending the Scientology Bridge to Total Freedom, Giselle Lima was inspired to take greater responsibility for her adopted homeland of Panama. Consequently, she brought the Church’s humanitarian campaigns across the country. Moreover, Giselle not only established the nation’s first Scientology Mission, opening wide the entrance gates to the Bridge for all, but she also secured full religious recognition and tax exemption for Scientology in the Republic of Panama. “It is my honor to represent and stand up for Scientology in my country. Being able to take Scientology in Panama from zero to where we stand today, in just a few years of hard work, is my greatest accomplishment. And as of tonight, that accomplishment is a win for all of us and all Scientologists.”
One of the many moments throughout the three-hour celebration when the audience’s unrestrained cheers literally stop the event.
Crowning the incomparable evening and its whirlwind review of a monumental four years, Mr. Miscavige turns to a glorious and boundless future, presenting upcoming Church expansion across the width and breadth of the Scientology world—a parade of new Ideal facilities to open in the days, weeks and months ahead.
At Saint Hill, the United Kingdom’s spiritual headquarters, a brand-new, built-from-the-ground-up facility for the religious counseling and training of the United Kingdom’s growing ecclesiastical ministry. Standing within an officially designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the energy-efficient structure was built with sustainable materials and in a style typical of rural buildings found in the English countryside.
The new center’s lower ground floor is reserved for the Hubbard Guidance Center, where Saint Hill staff receive Scientology spiritual counseling. The building also contains a Staff College comprising six course rooms to accommodate training for more than 150 at any given time.
“Every organization that comprises our European headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, is aligned to a single purpose: to help every being from Europe move up the Bridge to the highest states of OT,” says Mr. Miscavige. With that, he presents the final milestone in the creation of a fully Ideal Sea Org Base for Europe.
In Copenhagen, Denmark, the new Nordland religious retreat, created expressly to serve the growing numbers traveling to the Advanced Organization and Saint Hill Europe to progress through advanced Scientology spiritual levels.
The Nordland provides every amenity for visiting Scientologists, including a buffet-style restaurant and a café offering service throughout the day for those on breaks from Scientology counseling or training.
Mr. Miscavige announces, “Let’s shift our gaze to a different hemisphere altogether and, in this case, a strategic done in the name of the IAS.” With that, he previewed a lifesaving facility for the continent of Africa.
Right from its grand Reception, every detail of Narconon Africa is designed to provide a tranquil, stress-free environment for people freeing themselves from the grip of drug and alcohol addiction.
A night of unprecedented accomplishment and expansion is about to take on whole new dimensions as Mr. Miscavige previews the next IAS-sponsored Ideal Church of Scientology in a city of global significance.
“Anyone familiar with our history in this land also knows it has been the site of epic battles through the decades,” says Mr. Miscavige. “And, in fact, a city where we once marched in the streets—raising our voice in the name of Religious Freedom. But now, a city where we are soon to be dancing in the streets—raising our voice in the name of Total Freedom.”
Among the facility’s striking architectural features are its gleaming glass exterior, comprising more than 1,500 reflective panes, and a modern geometric wood portal—all to welcome Parisians to the extraordinary adventure of true spiritual liberté.
Rising six stories above Reception is the building’s stunning grand atrium. The design was inspired by the sequoia, including the circular stairwell lined with an intricate leaf pattern.
On an evening presenting one unprecedented accomplishment after the next, the audience responds to the upcoming Paris Ideal Org with an impassioned ovation that shook the rafters of the Grand Marquee.
After three breathtaking hours of IAS milestones—to which the audience response metaphorically blew the roof right off the top of the Grand Marquee—the 39th IAS Anniversary Event comes to a close.
On Saturday morning, the IAS Global Salvage Seminar is standing room only as members of the IAS learn about the launch of a new year of global humanitarian initiatives. Scientologists from around the world join IAS-sponsored campaigns to bring humanitarian solutions to their communities: The Way to Happiness, Foundation for a Drug-Free World, United for Human Rights, Citizens Commission on Human Rights and the Scientology Volunteer Ministers.
From the Grand Marquee to the Great Hall and Refectory, the whole of Saint Hill vibrates with excitement for the entirety of the IAS Anniversary Celebration Weekend.
On Saturday evening, Mr. David Miscavige opens the elegant IAS Patrons Ball with a greeting to all Patrons: “Welcome to the fabled hall of heroes, because this is the seat of our IAS kingdom—and we are the IAS!”
The 2023 Patrons Ball recognizes IAS members for their abiding dedication to furthering the IAS humanitarian movement. The evening takes on even greater significance given that, in the four years since the last Patrons Ball at Saint Hill, almost 5,000 Scientologists became Patrons of the IAS—highest in history.
The Grand Marquee comes to resplendent life as world-class musicians take the stage for an exhilarating concert. Opening the show is award-winning musician and composer Mark Isham.
Carrying on a tradition of philanthropy begun by L. Ron Hubbard at Saint Hill, the star-studded concert benefits local charities. Jenna Elfman, award-winning actress and mistress of ceremonies, brings her elegance and humor to the evening. Among the honored guests in attendance are the Mayor and Mayoress of East Grinstead, Town Councilors and charity volunteers from across the Mid Sussex District.
Some 1,200 East Grinstead residents witness a stirring performance from world-renowned virtuoso pianist Cyprien Katsaris. The evening further includes a performance by Latin American legend Alberto Plaza.
Taking the Charity Concert stage is Saint Hill’s own—and UK’s No. 1—swing band, The Jive Aces.