Video Transcript:

When I met Mr. Miscavige we were at an event and I feel that he’s so busy that, you know, like, why would he want to meet me. But when I was introduced to him he was so warm and so lovely and one of those, you know, he just spoke to me that I’m the only person in the room at that moment.

And it’s one of those things that I hear about great leaders, that, that you feel that you’re the only person there speaking to him. That he only cares about you in that moment. And that’s the way I felt. I felt like, “Wow, he really does care about me.” And, and thus I know too that when he’s talking to somebody else, he cares about them and he cares about us all.

Scientologists love David Miscavige. He’s just, I mean, there’s so much, when people even just talk about him, they get so excited and so enthusiastic because they understand what a hard job it is to lead a religion and how difficult it can be and he does such an amazing job of it and makes it look incredibly effortless. And yet we all know how, how, like what an incredible job it is. And so we, have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for him.