Thousands of Scientologists from Florida and around the globe gather at the religion’s spiritual headquarters in Clearwater to mark Founder L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday—complete with the legendary Birthday Game—and to festively celebrate both his vision and his Technology.
A night of joyous celebration as Scientologists from 50 nations come together in Clearwater, Florida, for Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday.
Fireworks shower down, setting the tone for a dazzling and unforgettable three-hour event, marking yet another milestone advance in the Church’s unending expansion—and all of it to honor LRH.
The first of dozens of thunderous standing ovations greets Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center, as he takes the stage for Founder L. Ron Hubbard’s Birthday Celebration.
“As is befitting on this night of nights, we will present what LRH most wished for on his birthday: not only a Birthday Game that signifies EXPANSION, but also, the expansionist destiny as fueled by his Technology and all as manifested in Ideal Orgs. But, why understate it? Truth is, you can mark tonight as a watershed milestone from which we will never look back. Moreover, it’s a milestone with exponential ramifications.”
—Mr. David Miscavige, Ecclesiastical Leader of the Scientology Religion
“In honor of his 100-year anniversary as an Eagle Scout and legacy for new generations.”
—US Congress
“The Royal House bestows on L. Ron Hubbard the title of Royal Chief.”
—His Royal Highness, Sultan Tomas Reyes Cabili II
“With Scientology Technology on our side, we are now building that next great civilization.”
—African Kingdom of Makholokoe
“In recognition of 50 years of empowering educators around the globe.”
—Missouri State Lt. Governor
“In honor of L. Ron Hubbard and his dedicated efforts saving countless lives through effective rehabilitation.”
—Oklahoma State Senator
“In gratitude for his work restoring decency, honor and self-respect.”
—United Nations
On the grounds of Saint Hill, the historic home of L. Ron Hubbard and Advanced Scientology Organization in the UK, now stands a built-from-the-ground-up facility to provide Scientology training and counseling for Saint Hill’s expanding ecclesiastical ministry.
Meeting ever-increasing growth at the Church’s European base, two facilities recently cut a ribbon: the fully renovated Corona in Old Town, serving as living quarters for Church ministry, and the Nordland religious retreat, accommodating European Scientologists coming to Copenhagen for advanced religious services.
Saving lives with LRH Technology in Africa, a new Continental Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Center opened on a 520-acre former game reserve.
Speaking to that “expansionist destiny” he alluded to at the top of the evening, Mr. Miscavige introduces the crowning chapter in the Church’s Golden Age movement.
Mr. Miscavige refers back to milestones “from which we’ll never look back”—the Golden Age of Knowledge and Golden Age of Tech Phase II. “Even still,” he announces, “there yet remains one final component to the full Golden Age equation.”
The Golden Age of Administration, Mr. Miscavige tells the gathering, “complements and amplifies all others, ultimately bringing the entire Golden Age to fruition. And yes, as of LRH’s birthday tonight, we have achieved liftoff.”
Representing the Land Down Under and Australia’s first-ever Ideal Org—the executive team of the Church of Scientology Melbourne. They arrived home as heralds of a new all-Golden Age beneath the Southern Cross.
From the land of kings and queens—the executive team of the Church of Scientology London. Their kingdom is nothing less than the center of the English-speaking world. When they returned to Queen Victoria Street, all hailed Britannia’s first Golden Age of Administration executives.
Overseeing a mythic realm in one of the happiest countries on Earth—the executive team of the Church of Scientology Denmark. Their province is a landmark Ideal Org just off Europe’s longest and busiest walking street.
Future Ideal Org of Scotland
An Ideal Org clan from the bonnie land of the brave—the executive team of the Hubbard Academy of Personal Independence. They were the first team to fire with future Ideal Org premises on the horizon—a future 60,000-square-foot Ideal Org in Edinburgh.
The team from the iconic City by the Bay—the executive team of the Church of Scientology San Francisco. This world-class administrative force returned to their world-famous landmark home—the original Transamerica Building.
From a Magic Kingdom in Central Florida—the executive team of the Church of Scientology Orlando. In a place known for magicians and sorcerers, their newly empowered “Wizards of Administrative Technology” now work their magic in the City Beautiful.
Plying the coastal waters at the Gateway to Latin America—the executive team of the Church of Scientology Miami. They now sail with a seasoned crew as “Mighty Miami,” a moniker bestowed upon this Org by L. Ron Hubbard himself.
The team whose Ybor City home is the historic heart of Tampa—the executive team of the Church of Scientology Tampa. They track back to the very genesis of the Church’s ever-expanding Ideal Org movement.
One of the evening’s many thunderous ovations that characterized the audience’s overwhelming excitement at the 2024 LRH Birthday Celebration.
“We arrive at the next chapter of this evening’s event,” said Mr. Miscavige. “Although, actually, it’s more like three chapters … three cities, two countries and one glorious reality—the moments that our Golden Age of Administration perfectly sync with our unrelenting Ideal Org crusade.” With that, he presented the whirlwind of Grand Openings and the newest Ideal Organizations—and their Golden Age of Administration executives.
All begins with the living definition of Texas tough, front and center—the executive team of the Church of Scientology Austin. They ride with cowboy grit and Golden Age of Administration certainty in the heart of the Texas state capital.
Located across the street from the University of Texas, the Church opened on February 24 before a gathering of civic leaders and Scientologists from the Lone Star State and beyond. A red, white and blue ribbon fell, forever branding Austin’s new Ideal Church as the first all-Golden Age Org in history!
Likewise debuted at the LRH Birthday Celebration are Mexico’s newest heroes, primed to carry on a legacy of liberation—the executive team of the Church of Scientology Del Valle. They march with a triumphant stride to a 12-story Ideal Org that can be seen from a mile in every direction.
Just six days after Austin’s Grand Opening, beneath a night sky and to the strains of mariachis, Del Valle’s Ideal Org shed an inaugural ribbon. Towering above one of Mexico City’s most vibrant neighborhoods, Del Valle stands as the first all-Golden Age Org in Latin American history!
Third was the team that all but epitomizes the resolute spirit that defines the City of Big Shoulders—the executive team of the Church of Scientology Chicago. They are as imposing as the Chicago skyline and ready to serve Chicagoland from their iconic building in the city’s bustling downtown core.
On March 3, just two days after Del Valle’s Grand Opening, thousands gathered to inaugurate the Ideal Church of Scientology Chicago. The gloriously restored 100-year-old, seven-story building stands on Chicago’s historic Printer’s Row—a Midwestern monument in an all-Golden Age!
The audience responds with wall-shaking jubilation to the trio of Ideal Org dedications that brings the worldwide total to 76—with still more on the runway racing to Grand Opening.
A memorable highlight of the evening is the announcement of the winners of the Birthday Game, the annual contest played by Scientology Churches to give the Founder the gift he wanted most of all: EXPANSION in the name of building a better world.
This year saw Missions, Churches, Advanced Organizations and Continental Liaison Offices from across six continents compete for top honors.
The 2024 Mission League World Champion is the Ideal Mission of Quito, Ecuador. Accepting the winning trophy, the Mission Holder made this promise to LRH: “The horizon is new and the game is always bigger. And so in alignment with our motto: ‘We will go for more—much, much more!’ And thereby bring you another gift next year as World Champions.” —Mission Holder, Quito Ideal Mission
The first Ideal Org in the Chinese-speaking world, the Ideal Church of Scientology Kaohsiung claimed their league’s championship trophy: “We are responsible for one billion people. It is a huge job ... huge! But we are determined to make it. So we know we have to expand the Org fast. And tonight’s victory is proof that we can do it!” —Executive Director, Kaohsiung Ideal Org
In one of the closest races in Birthday Game history, the Advanced Organization Australasia took the winner’s cup by a single point. Thanking Mr. Hubbard in her winner’s speech, the Advanced Org Captain said: “At the inception of our Organization, you said to use this new Advanced Org with pride and determination. And tonight is our answer to you. It is a testament to us living out your words and staying true to your Tech. We pledge to continue our mission of expansion until this job is DONE.”
—Captain, Advanced Organization Australasia
The Continental Liaison Office (CLO) of the West US claimed their 10th Birthday Game victory: “In the West US, we truly live the Ideal Org strategy. And we are definitely proud of the fact that, from San Francisco to now Austin, we have created more Ideal Orgs than any Continent on Earth. We do this by working every day to live up to our slogan: ‘West US Is Best!’ And now we have our sights on our three final Ideal Orgs, so we can next lay claim to being the first Ideal Continent!” —Commanding Officer, Continental Liaison Office West US
In an evening of heart-pounding excitement, the audience is once again on their feet as Mr. Miscavige takes the stage for the next exciting chapter of the celebration.
Before the audience can catch their breath, Mr. Miscavige begins, “We arrive at another gift to top this night and a crescendo to everything our movement represents today.”
In highlighting the Church’s myriad means of dissemination, Mr. Miscavige speaks of the scope of Scientology Network, saying it “reaches the entire planet … every continent and across all 24 time zones. Since network launch, our channel has been viewed in 242 nations and territories of Earth.”
After launching in 2018, Scientology Network invited the world to see who we are and what we believe. But with a new season ready to air, it’s time to see more. Much more.
Thinking in futures, Mr. Miscavige acknowledged that there was “one present we haven’t unwrapped … yet. This is a gift so grand, it required commensurately grand preparation to unwrap it.” And with that, he introduced the next executive team for the future Ideal Org of Paris.
This team is the largest Golden Age of Administration team on Earth—the executive team of the Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre Paris. They are a tour de force set to light up the City of Light from their 95,000-square-foot Ideal Church.
In closing the 2024 LRH Birthday Celebration, Mr. Miscavige concluded with a recap of the thrilling evening, telling the Scientologists in attendance, “If tonight we celebrate a Golden Age across every forward advance of Scientology, you are now experiencing what you could call a Golden Age of being a Scientologist and of winning Universal Freedom.”
LRH’s Birthday Celebration would not be complete without world-class and worldwide musical performances—from a famed Dominican diva to a legendary French Canadian singer-songwriter.
Stanley Clarke, virtuoso bassist and Grammy Award-winning recording artist, unleashes a performance that rumbles the very foundations of the concert hall.
The celebration continues at the Church’s historic Fort Harrison in downtown Clearwater.
Excited attendees revel long into the night accompanied by friends, family and live entertainment at the Fort Harrison religious retreat.
Jubilation fills the air following an evening of merriment, magic and good news.
Celebration for the ages—Scientologists from Clearwater and around the world festively honor Founder L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday in grand style.
As the evening came to a close, attendees recall a historic night envisioning an expansive future for the religion.