Video Transcript:

The first time I met Mr. Miscavige was in 1987. That was in Los Angeles in an organization where I was going to get further training. And I arrived there and when Mr. Miscavige saw me the first time, he actually knew I was coming. And he recognized me as a member of the Freewinds ship. That was—I was like the first member to come. And he welcomed me. He was very, very full of affinity and reality and communication. And that was my first impression.

When Mr. Miscavige comes to the Freewinds ship, it’s a pleasure to see him arrive. Because he has helped us get where we are. When we are around, he always, always, always, always, always has a personal word to say. There is no distance. There’s no separation. And there’s just like care for every crew member here that they are doing well.