Video Transcript:

I’ve had the, the honor of meeting Mr. Miscavige over a luncheon table and I was just given an award for human rights within the Church, and protecting human rights and I found him to be my friend. And he’s a very interesting man because he’s got this enormous responsibility, obviously. You know, there’s an enormous drive in him to get it right and to do things well. And the message being, and it’s L. Ron Hubbard’s message, that we are able beings and so he is an able being. He means it. He lives it. And I found…so I was a little bit in awe of him when I first met him. I thought oh my god it’s, it’s Chairman of the Board. And I found him to be, on the other hand, someone I would like to have played catch with in high school, you know, or junior high school playing baseball. You know, he’s like someone I would have made my friend in school. You know he’s so disarming and he’s so interested in you, as he was in me that first day when I met him. He really wanted to know about me. He cared.

When you see a casual, lovely person like Mr. Miscavige who is also very responsible, unswervingly, for what he does, you again, you’ve got this demonstration of the kind of, kind of an everyman at his best.

We have this golden wherewithal to make man spiritually free. So what Mr. Miscavige does, is he comes along and he administratively, organizationally looks at this, this breadth of technology, this breadth of knowledge and he goes “Hmmph, we have to organize this in such a way that people can make use of this more.” And that was all it was ever intended as, something for people to use. Not something to venerate, or pray to, or worship to—it’s to use. So here he comes, he leads the Church and he goes, “Okay, what possibly could make it more available to Mankind, how can we make this more available?” And he spent a decade or two making that happen.

What he’s done is make this genius technology more available to Mankind and that is an enormous service that he’s paid us all. I’m forever grateful to him.