Video Transcript:

If I were to look at Mr. Miscavige as an example, as a leader—which I do, I would see somebody with just infinite compassion and interest and care for his fellow man and his group. I would see somebody who is courageous and did not decide on any course of action based on whether or not he thought it was likely to succeed. I would see somebody who looks at a situation, determines whether or not something needs to be done, and if something needs to be done, he decides to do it. And then he figures out how, probably in that sequence. And as a leader, I find that inspiring and empowering. And I, I see that and I, I consider that an example for me. And it helps push me up in moments of, “That’s too much,” or “That’s not possible,” or “It’s good enough.” There’s that little haunting, “Really?” And, I might find an untapped reservoir of inspiration or energy or resource. And I think Mr. Miscavige inspires me in that way.

He defines a purpose and he works out strategy to accomplish it. And I think that quality is a leader too—that intensity and that purpose and that drive. But his purpose is so humanitarian. I think that’s just what puts him into a different category.