Video Transcript:

I’ve been quite fortunate in being able to see Chairman of the Board a number of times over the years from the Freewinds, which is our motor vessel we have down in the Caribbean, when I was with him down there various times. I was struck by a number of things from him. One, he’s very funny and he is very varied in the things that he does.

I’ve never laughed so hard on some of the things that he comes up with, the stories that he tells.

One time, in this building, the new Flag Building here, he had me come over and we were going around the building here and taking us here and taking us here, we’re running all around and I asked some question about, “Well, what about, what about this thing over here?” He looked me and he laughs, says, “Do you really think that I forgot about that?” I says, “I’m sure you didn’t.” And he laughed and he took me upstairs and it was all laid out. It’s just moving that he takes care of everything.

Just last year he came in, he was looking around, he was seeing how things were going, he ran into me, he stopped, he shook my hand. He said, “You know, it’s really good to see you again. I’m really happy that you’re here. And thank you for being here.” And I was so touched. He lets you know that you’re important and what you do is appreciated. So I always felt like I could just speak with him like my best friend.