Video Transcript:

We were just waiting outside the Church in New York and waiting to be able to, you know, perform basically after the opening and Mr. Miscavige was in the middle of all his preparations, he was the featured speaker for the opening. And he was obviously busy and a lot of demands on his time but he actually noticed that we were standing on the other side of the road, just kind of ready, waiting at that point. And he came over and had this whole sort of, I don’t know 15-20 minute conversation with us, I guess something like that, asking how we were doing, wanted to get our news and that, that’s really typical of all the times I met him.

He’s just very interested in, you know, what are you doing, how are you doing, you know, what courses are you doing in Scientology, what, you know, where have you been, you know. He’s always very interested in other people.

We were recording at the other one of the big Church studios which is in Los Angeles, called Mad Hatter Studios, and we were working on an album there and he came by and asked to listen to one of the tracks that we recorded. You know, he took time out of his—he’s very, very busy you know—obviously got massive responsibilities first. Just taking the time to, you know, I’m sure he had a million other things he could be doing, but he took the time to come and listen to the track we recorded you know, at the studio. And he was very interested and he, I think as far as I remember he was really happy with what he heard.

I’ve met a lot of CEOs and you know even bishops and different leaders in different ways and met some really cool people. But, he’s kind of unique in, in just in his care factor I think and his concern for other people while still being very, very driven and trying to achieve amazing things and really trying to, you know, working so hard to make the planet a better place for everyone.