Video Transcript:

I’ve met Mr. Miscavige and known him for…since my early days, you know, when I was eighteen years old.

And I met this man and, oh I was so blown out. Like wow! You know, like he, when you meet him you feel like a million dollars.

I love it when he comes to Saint Hill. It’s the best time of my life and I know all the four hundred staff that work here, it’s the best time of year when you hear that Mr. Miscavige is coming.

And yeah it’s…working with him is exhilarating.

He’ll get off a plane and other people will be like, “Ah,” you know, “I’m exhausted,” or, “blah,” or, “blee.” No, he gets off a plane, he’s working. He’s flat out working, you know. He arrives here, gets off a plane, he’s already, like in production mode running rings around people. Have you ever seen anything like that? I’ve never seen anything like that.

I remember one time feeling not so good about something, you know, and I was like worried about something, you know. And I remember he came up and he said, “Hey, you know, what’s, what’s wrong?” And I told him what it was and I look back now and I realize how ridiculous it was that what I’d said and how I felt and how funny it must have come across.

But he totally made me feel totally okay and just said, “Ah, don’t worry about that,” you know, phwoo, phwoo, phwoo. And so it was totally gone. You know, it’s like okay good.

And then later, you know, you’re able to just like make a joke and laugh about it but it was totally handled. He had this way of, and always has this way of making you feel totally at ease and good about yourself.

You know, backing up COB and doing your part and doing your job, you’re part of a movement that is going to expand beyond sights we’ve never seen. And the intentions and, and where we’re going we know we’re gonna get there because of this man.