Video Transcript:

Mr. Miscavige’s leadership is very transparent. I mean, anybody with any kind of, really, desire to know is going to see very quickly that he’s very active in the rollout and how we impact Mankind and how the religion of Scientology works with all the other religious leaders to get the job done.

The amount of growth with his leadership is, I can’t even—it’s like, just when I think I might have my head wrapped around how far this is going to go and what the worldwide exposure is going to be, I wake up and find my—I just sold myself short again.

What he’s handling and accomplishing and making happen on a daily basis is nothing short of phenomenal. I just—I’m in awe. I just, every time I look at what he’s doing and how fast he’s moving forward in anything that he sets his mind to do, I just get awe-inspired. It’s like, “Oh my God, look at what’s happening here.” It gives me something to shoot for in my own life, you know, when I look at the areas of my life that I want to aspire to bigger and greater things with. It’s like I can just use him as a model. It’s like, it’s tireless. He’s just tireless and yet has all the humility and the compassion for everybody around him. It’s just, it’s just something to behold.