Video Transcript:

There are two people that I hold in the highest regard you really could hold anybody, and that is our Founder, Mr. Hubbard, and David Miscavige. There are just certain people you just don’t know how they do what they do. How they have the confront they have, how they have the will they have, the integrity, the ability to create. It is something that is hard to describe, unless you’ve been able to see, in my case, this whole 44 years of what’s happened and what he has done to bring us to where we are today. You know, I have all the respect in the world for him.

He is a beloved figure, because we all get it. We all do understand what he has had to do personally to see this through, to see all of this occur, all of the advancements in the technology, all of the recovery of technology, all of the buildings, all of the expansion, the strategy. We know who’s doing this. We know who has the vision. We know who’s carrying the torch specifically for our Founder. And this gentleman is doing it in a way that is really remarkable, it is awe-inspiring and it’s something that on the planet in the history of the world, is not going to be forgotten.