Every day I was at the hospital, every day I was out, getting this operation, [David Miscavige] was checking on me, every single day, on a blow-by-blow basis. Jeff Baker

Video Transcript:

Well, I’ve known Mr. Miscavige since, really 1983. I’ve been working with him. My post is a photographer and what I do, he has helped me along in my profession. I truly think that I’m as good as I am because he has helped me to achieve that. He’s a very professional person himself. He’s a high achiever and he puts a standard there that he knows you can reach and he makes you reach it.

I mean, the staff at Gold experience on a daily basis the amount of work that he’s put in to staff care here. Seeing that we have high-quality food, seeing that we have high-quality berthing, seeing that we are well taken care of, you know, that we have everything that we need to get our job done. That we have the facilities, top, top facilities in the world. That’s all a care factor that spreads throughout the entire production area. And as you look around Gold, I see his work, causation, his, and I’m talking about planning it, making sure it’s put there, putting it there, personally seeing that it’s actually put in and made a reality. Like a lot of people can talk about things, but one of the things he does is he gets it done. He makes it happen in the real world and you get to experience it. You get to use it in your work every day and he brings that staff care.

I was working with Mr. Miscavige on a major International Event, and during the production of that I experienced a seizure which led to finding out that I had a brain cyst that had to be removed. I had to get an operation on it. And this was a major operation, it was rather large, and it took me off of my duties for several weeks.

Now this for me, was as an aspect of Mr. Miscavige and how he operates. Here he is, in the middle of a major event production. Every day I was at the hospital, every day I was out, getting this operation, he was checking on me, every single day, on a blow-by-blow basis. Now, this is amongst his busy schedule. Okay, I get out of the operation, I finally get to my recovery area, and there sits this, the biggest bouquet of flowers I’ve ever seen, sitting in the room waiting for me from him. With a card, a very personal card, from him, wishing me that I get well very soon, my friend. And that to me, well, that operation was very major, it was a lot to come back from. And that communication, I still have it to this day in my room. I treasure it and will treasure it forever. And that’s the kind of friend that he is to me. He’s been my best friend, I call him my best friend, for decades and that’s, that is him to me. He’s not only the leader of my Church, but he’s also a very personal friend to me, that cares for staff on a level that is personal, direct and very emotional actually. His care factor is really unmatched by anybody.