If we’re ever in the same town as [Mr. Miscavige], he always makes a point of coming and seeing us or we go and say hello to him. Alex Douglas

Video Transcript:

I remember once we did a performance at the big Saint Hill Charity Concert and we do this every year and he’s normally there in the front row watching the concert every year. And one year I bumped into him after the show and he said to me, “You know it was a great performance but something wasn’t right, you weren’t quite, you guys are absolutely fantastic, you deserve a standing ovation every song, but you didn’t get one this time.” And something was wrong and he said, “It was the bass sound.” He nailed it down to the, he said, “There’s something wrong with the sound, you should absolutely make sure you get a proper sound check and there was something wrong with the bass.”

We went back and looked at the footage and listened to the recordings and he was unbelievable, he was right, the bass sound was messed up which affected the whole sound of the—what the audience was experiencing. The next year we went back and fixed that exact one point—standing ovation every song. So, he actually nailed it to the exact minute thing that, the attention to detail that he’s aware of and then you think this is a guy that’s got his attention on thousands of things all around the planet, and he’s responsible for an incredible amount of people working and projects that are going on all around the world and he noticed though the exact one thing which led to the whole thing being fixed, standing ovation every song after we fixed that. It was, it’s amazing.

Several years ago COB invited us to Golden Era Productions to record an album because of all the different work we do with the Church, for instance on the Say No to Drugs Campaign. And first of all, it’s an amazing studio so it was a real privilege to record in the L. Ron Hubbard Studio. And secondly, he actually had them put together a whole course for us on all the materials that L. Ron Hubbard had developed on art, music, recording, and this is stuff that isn’t generally available to the public. So, it was very generous of him to put this thing together for us, so we got to learn a lot of different music technology and music production that isn’t actually available in the broader world and it was a real honor and privilege. And that’s something that’s stayed with us throughout our recording and performing career because it’s something that you use actually, you apply to what you do in your art and stuff. So that was a real privilege.

If we’re ever in the same town as him, he always makes a point of coming and seeing us or we go and say hello to him. He’s even visited us in, when we’re recording in the studio a new album and he’s been in town, came and said hello. At which, we played him the tracks that we’d done and had a chat about it. And it’s just, it’s really a, it’s quite an honor really if you think like, he’s the head of a worldwide religion and he must have his attention on quite a few things and he’s personally involved in spearheading all of the different programs that the Church does around the world. He has time for every single person and he considers, like there’s no one that’s unimportant enough to talk to, you know. He’s always got time for you when he’s talking to you and he makes time for everyone which is really, is quite, it’s quite inspiring actually.