Video Transcript:

The ability to make a person feel so important and to be genuine about it is extraordinary, and you don’t see that very often at all. So, to be the recipient of that from Mr. Miscavige actually, of course, has affected me in my own activities as a leader. I try very hard to do the same. Don’t know if I’m quite as good at it, but…

I have seen the most amazing, incredible products on a societal level, just what he’s done to help get rid of drug abuse and what he’s done to help literacy and it’s, it’s just mind-blowing. It’s mind-blowing to me what this man has been able to do for society. He’s just incredible.

I’m very thankful that David Miscavige is in the position he’s in. I feel fortunate and just blessed that David Miscavige is at the helm. Because I know we’re okay.