Video Transcript:

Meeting with Mr. Miscavige; very interesting, only ‘cause I’ve heard of him before and then I’d see him. But I got to really talk to him and it’s the definition of manners was perfectly shown to me. ‘Cause I felt so important. And here I am like OK, you know, I’m a guy and I know what I do, but, all of a sudden I felt really important and cared for. Like wow! He really wants my…just to make sure that I’m doing really well.

One time there was, you know, doing a photo shoot and someone who doing it; and it was going, but it was you know, and all of a sudden he comes out of nowhere. “Hey you know”, and then bam, he takes over and all of a sudden everybody was just…he just got everybody at the…you know okay, gotta bam! Knocked it out in just like minutes. But you could see the difference at that. You see, but that’s what I mean by real, ‘cause it brings up the emotional attitude. It goes up, you see.

My hat’s off. He can take that pressure and he puts a team together that’s amazing. You know, and I say that not from “ooh”, I say it because I see the products, I see dones, I see the motion. I see the things moving in a direction.

It’s hard work, insisting that things are right because you’re looking at the big picture. And that’s what I can constantly feel that and see that when I meet him.