Video Transcript:

The time I had a particular face-to-face interaction with him was at a convention, or a conference, specifically for the executive directors. And he not only briefed all of us, very detailed and with the intention of where we're heading and all of that, but he took the time to meet with us, one by one, and interact with what it was that we had questions about, what was it he could help with—anything.

It was wide open and he was so personable—very, very, like attentive and not aloof at all. Very involved in this whole, in, in everybody’s individual—to the point that he knew details of some of the executive directors’ lives—personal lives. “Oh, how’s your husband? Hey, tell your wife hello,” and you know and “How’s your back?” you know, or whatever it was. I mean, he’s just down to that level of information. It just amazes me. And yet he is the leader of our whole organization and has that amount of—you know, again, care and attention. It just is very, very admirable.

If he hadn’t taken the attention and the care that he did at every level of starting with making sure that the correct technology was there, because if we did not have the Founder’s actual technology in chronological sequence to the T, we did not have the future that we now have. He took decades of painstaking effort to get that detail done. And now that that’s laid out, and is beautiful of form and is down to the promotional materials in every way you could possibly duplicate it and receive it and have the benefits of it—that’s the base on which we're going to be able to expand and it’s because of Mr. Miscavige. No other person. Period.