Video Transcript:

When David Miscavige was here he would have been eleven years old, then he went to, he attended the local school in East Grinstead and he went to Sackville College. And he was—I know about it because he was in same class as my niece Jo Stevens and they were only about two weeks apart in their age. And a few years ago when he came here, he took time to go back to his old school and have a look around it, which I thought very nice.

And he is always very, very friendly. And amazingly knows what one has been doing and asks questions about that which is incredible because there are so many thousands and thousands of Scientologists. But he seems to know something about each one.

In East Grinstead at Saint Hill we have an Arts Festival. And this year was actually its 25th year but right from day one, from the very first festival, David Miscavige has been interested in the Arts Festivals and he wanted to know all about it. And he was so excited the first time he heard about it, that he spread the news very quickly that there had been a festival in East Grinstead. And I write to him and let him know how it is going every year. Mr. Miscavige is always, as I say, very interested.

I think David Miscavige has been the best leader we possibly could have had and I think Mr. Hubbard was very, very wise to have chosen him as the leader.