Video Transcript:

I think that Mr. Miscavige, who is our Chairman of the Board of our Religious Technology Center, is the perfect person to have been entrusted with helping the religion move forward. And I’ve never encountered an individual with so much caring and so much intention for people all over the world, from every walk of life, to do better in life.

He is carrying forth Mr. Hubbard’s legacy and bringing everything to the forefront that Mr. Hubbard envisioned for us and for the Church. I think it’s a very important thing to realize that underneath everything else, Mr. Hubbard is the Founder of this religion and is always there, represented in the quality of the buildings and in the incredible presence of his staff and in the beauty of the simplicity of the technology. And the fact that Mr. Miscavige has been able to bring this forward still, fully, originally like Mr. Hubbard intended everything to be, is extraordinary.