Fulfilling [L. Ron Hubbard’s] wishes for the religion and for the scriptures means so much to [David Miscavige] because it means so much to the planet. Lena Pirak

Video Transcript:

I first met Mr. Miscavige in 1992 when I was brand-new here at the Church in Clearwater. I was assisting on something to do with an LRH Birthday Event. It was pretty fun. And while I don’t remember a lot about it because it was a while ago and I remember being very wide-eyed and, you know, brand-new, as it were. Twenty years went by when I met, until I met him the next time because I had worked at different Churches in Europe and also here, but in a different function.

And I met him then in 2013 and we had a conversation and he said, “You’re from Denmark, right?” And I [was] surprised that he remembered that because I remember that exact topic being a conversation back in 1992, so that he remembered that was just sort of uncanny to me. And at first I thought, “Is my accent really that strong?” But he actually remembered. He remembered the conversation.

A few years ago I was, had the great opportunity and the great honor, really, to be a part of learning the trade of public speaking by Mr. Miscavige himself. And I learned, during this time period, I learned more than just public speaking. I learned public speaking and I learned to do it well, thanks to him and thanks to his advice, thanks to his little tips, thanks to the time he took to watch little things and to correct where it needs to be corrected, to encourage––oh my God, the encouragement––and the patience and the validation, you know, when you’re, when you’re encouraged to, you know, with what you have already and you do more of what you have and it makes you better.

But as I said, it taught me more than public speaking. It taught me a lesson about just life and just doing things and getting things done. And it has to do with making things just right and making things really great because they’re just right and they’re exactly what they should be, they’re no more, no less. Actually, they’re a little bit more because people ask for a certain thing and they get what they asked for but a little bit more. And that’s what he taught me.

Someone will have an in-person conversation with Mr. Miscavige after an event or, you know, after something, an opening of an org or opening of our Church here in Clearwater, and let’s say they make, let’s say they make a comment about something. And the next day that something is at their doorstep. You know, and like, I remember a particular one where someone mentioned not having seen a certain video and really wanted to, but they didn’t have a Blu-ray player. And hours later, there was a Blu-ray player, like a gift of a Blu-ray player, at their door that he had sent them.

There’s nothing impersonal about any of this. It’s personal. It’s all personal. Because it means so much to him. L. Ron Hubbard meant so much to him. And doing and fulfilling his wishes for the religion and for the scriptures means so much to him because it means so much to the planet. It means so much to our parishioners that you can tell the whole thing is personal. And it’s his entire heart, his entire soul in this.