Video Transcript:

There’s been such an expansion in Scientology and the sole source of that is—that specific expansion and helping more and more people with situations that are very real in life today, is because of Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center.

He’s been at the helm on ensuring that L. Ron Hubbard’s works actually get out there. Exactly as he intended. And giving people the real solutions to their problems.

So while I’ve been on staff, I’ve watched hundreds and then thousands of people become free—of all their problems, the things that are holding them back, from all his work that he’s done in researching and ensuring that we get exactly what L. Ron Hubbard intended. So it’s been a complete privilege working under him, with him, achieving these goals and I couldn't imagine anyone else leading this thing that we’re doing, because it’s very exciting helping planet Earth and especially at this level that we’re doing it.

As a Scientologist, to have Mr. Miscavige leading us, it is how we are making it. It is how I turn up every day knowing that we're going to make it. Having that type of leadership, that certainty, that purpose.