Video Transcript:

Mr. Miscavige has taken our Church and built it at a fast pace and at a very high standard and a level that welcomes all. From the 80s, the early 80s when I came in, it certainly was a fabulous group to join. But the numbers of people and the rate of growth over these three decades, which for me, that is amazing to even say three decades. Especially from international countries not just in America—Russia and China. We've expanded not just here in the United States, but all over the world internationally.

He cares about individuals’ needs. He cares about people’s feedback on things. I’ve written letters to him and I’ve received personal letters to [from] him. And they are part of my most priceless treasures, because he heard what I had to say and he with speed acknowledged it and those are very priceless and I cherish them very much.

There is always that perfect person for the job. And he is that perfect person for the job. And there’s no one else that I would feel as proud to say—that’s my Chairman of the Board—that’s the chairman of the board of my religion…of our religion.