Mr. Miscavige’s work has been fundamental in expanding Scientology. Mamie Hardy

Video Transcript:

Scientology today has grown probably hundreds of times bigger than it was when I started because of Mr. Miscavige’s leadership. We started hearing about Mr. Miscavige having research done to find the exact policies, the exact books, the way they were written in the beginning, and having them republished. And we were like, wow, what could we … what could be better?

And then when you open one of these books you’ve previously read, and you find that, oh my God, my understanding goes up a hundred percent. Mr. Miscavige’s work has been fundamental in expanding Scientology over what it was when I started. I’m sure of it.

My Scientology friends all love Mr. Miscavige. They call him “Sir” sometimes. They always give him credit for helping them to make progress because they know he’s following the Scientology path exactly the way Mr. Hubbard laid it out.