Video Transcript:

It’s amazing, I mean every time I meet him he’s very personal, he knows who I am, he knows what I do in the Church, he knows what I’ve accomplished. He knows about my family. I’m not sure how he does it. I mean he’s really got his finger on the pulse of so many things that are going on and he has a vision that’s so far-thinking, but he also knows who’s on his team, he knows who his people are, he knows, he knows something about us. And, you know, for me it’s been over many years, so I have had quite a lot of interaction with him.

But it’s always “Hey, how are you doing? How are your kids? How are they doing?” It’s very personal.

He has a vision. He’s got a vision of the future and what can be accomplished and as a leader he doesn’t allow barriers to get in his way. He knows, he can see where we’re going and he can envision the steps to get there and he can also get others to adopt that viewpoint and to see that vision and want that vision and to help achieve it.