He is what we call in Australia a dead-set regular guy. He’s got a sense of humor that is hilarious, he had me in stitches of laughter … quite an amazing—a very cool guy. Tony Twomey

Video Transcript:

Meeting David Miscavige was an extremely memorable moment. It was absolutely an honor to meet him. I’d worked for ten years, at that point, for building our Ideal Organizations, expanding our Churches. And you know, seeing Mr. Miscavige speak at all our International Events about giving us the direction in relation to where our group was going, the expansion that we’re getting internationally was the inspiration that us, as a group of people, building our local Church up—you know—I really thrived on that inspiration on a regular basis.

But then to have him in front of me, and I get to meet him and have a discussion with him … that was something very special. He’s a unique individual. He is a leader of leaders. And what he is doing for Mankind, I don’t know another individual who has committed and achieved so much for the people of this planet that he hasn’t even met.

When you actually get in front of him and have a chance to communicate with him, he is what we call in Australia a dead-set regular guy. He’s got a sense of humor that is hilarious. He had me in stitches of laughter. And you know, the communications I had with him was one of humor, of inspiration, of you know, day-to-day stuff, quite an amazing—a very cool guy.

You know, we live in a—in what we class as a society that—in Australia that’s known as the lucky country. But yet, we have human rights abuses on a day-to-day basis. And when you start getting into society and start, you know, realizing those particular activities going on and get active in helping people, it’s amazing to see how many of your people in society are looking for help, are looking for something to help them through life. And the beauty of our programs, and the beauty of working with a leader such as Mr. Miscavige, is we’re able to offer solutions to everyone out there looking to improve life.