[David Miscavige] is bringing Mr. Hubbard’s technology to the world exactly how it’s supposed to be brought. Tom Cummins

Video Transcript:

I get an opportunity to see him around, Mr. Miscavige, around the world and at all these different events that we have where we’re celebrating our expansion, the opening up of new Churches and what have you. And I’ll tell you, over and over again, the common denominator is the time that he takes to go, “That’s it. Stop my busy day, the people who made this happen, they need to be acknowledged.” And he, you know, I can’t … I’ve never seen a leader who would actually just go, “That’s it, wipe out my schedule, stop the world. Stop it, because I’m going to thank them.”

He has an amazing sense of humor. He has such a, you know, “Gotcha,” you know. You know, you stop and think about it. I mean, you have, again, all this responsibility, thousands of people that report to you, you have a huge organization, every continent and every country and I mean, oh my God! The pressures, right, that comes from that. And yet, to actually be able to be calm enough and at peace with oneself, that he can actually … tease you, you know. And give you a hard time, you know, and you’re like going, “Okay, is this real or what?” You know, you’re just like, you’re not really sure, you know—like, “Okay, is he pulling my leg? Is he serious?” and stuff. And you’re like, “Oh God, he got me!”

And the reason that I find such greatness in Mr. Miscavige is that he stays true to the Source of our religion. You don’t see him changing, altering, adding his own two cents or anything like that. And when you see him receive acknowledgements and they start to get to be of a certain quantity, you see him pass them right through to LRH himself. He doesn’t make himself important. The job he does is what he is making important.

It’s almost embarrassing because, you know, we’re all human, right? And he’s human, but to see someone work and perform at that high super-human level, you just like, “Okay, wow. The bar has been raised!” And you know, you’re just in awe. You’re in awe how someone can constantly keep creating these high levels of perfection over and over and over again. Because we all strive for it. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. But to see someone do it over and over again, you’re like, “Okay, wow! Who is this person?!”

He’s bringing Mr. Hubbard’s technology to the world exactly how it’s supposed to be brought. And the world is responding and that’s the important part. It’s responding because it knows truth when it sees it, it knows love when it sees it, it knows kindness when it sees it, it knows when someone doesn’t have a vested interest, they’re just doing it because it needs to be done. And the world is responding.