Video Transcript:

He has a, a presence regardless of whether he is addressing all of the members of the Church with information about our expansion or plans or successes in ways that we are aiding different individuals in the world whether it’s, you know, disaster relief in our…in our… our Volunteer Minister program or whether it’s filling us in on, on what’s happening with the expansion of L. Ron Hubbard’s education technology and how that’s changing lives. So when he’s doing that I mean, he’s very professional but there’s always this twinkle in his eye. And there’s always this sense of life in him that is just—he’s magnetic. And it’s, it’s, he’s a very appealing person to watch as our leader. And then when you’re face to face with him that’s there too. And he always has this energy and he’s just…he’s just as engaging and interested in what you’re doing and talking about things beyond—you know he’s not an autocratic leader, he’s not a, someone who comes and immediately wants to tell you what you should be doing and how you should be doing things. He just comes and talks to you.

When we were opening our Ideal Org in Sacramento and he came up for that opening and there were a number of us who had been very integral to creating that and helping to make that happen and he just kind of came into a room with us and was just chatting with all of us and everyone was just kind of standing in bit of a half circle. And he knew most of us personally and there were one or two people that he hadn’t met before and so he was kind of like hugging those of us he knew and you know, and he kind of got to this one woman and, and you know, I could see there was a moment where he kind of, you know, he was just going to address—and she’s like, “Don’t I get a hug?” and he was like right there, great, you know, it’s sort of like I could see him sort of take the moment to assess what she was comfortable with and what, you know, he was, he was perfectly willing but everybody has their own willingness for something like that. But she was all about it, she’s like, “No I want a…” you know people want to be close to him. They want to engage with him because he is so personable and you know and you can just… He’s a real person.

A good leader needs to be more concerned about the people he is leading than his own personal position, status, importance, and I very much see that with Mr. Miscavige. That it isn’t about him. He’s not interested in being the focal point or trying to garner attention or admiration or anything like that. He’s interested in doing an effective job.

You follow a leader like that that says, “Great, I’ll lead the way.” You know, “I’m not sending the troops in, I’m leading the troops in,” you know. And that’s very much what I see him doing.