Video Transcript:

I got the opportunity once to, to meet Mr. Miscavige. And what was most awe inspiring for me is, it was very brief, but it was such an acknowledgement and such a validation of me. And I’ve, in such a short period of time, to be impacted that strongly by someone who just thanked me for being me. It was awesome!

When he’s meeting you, you’re the most important person in the room. There’s no one else. And although you’re very impressed with him and his accomplishments, he’s just as impressed with you.

I think if you look at qualities that make him such a successful leader, is that the ability to see consequences of one action, how it creates a domino effect of other actions. There have been many major changes and expansion of the various Churches worldwide and it’s all runs like clockwork. And as a management consultant myself, I’m stunned and how he’s been able to do that. And how he’s been able to build a team around him that is all about building an organization that does everything they can 24/7 to make this world a better place.